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Our Services

Entering a College or University is a vulnerable period for students. The non-continuation rate for academic institutions is a challenge, however the first semester becomes busy with on boarding of students. Academic staff may have less time to identify and assist students in need of support.

Each student exiting is a loss, for both the student and the institution. There is a loss of potential
funding as well as tuition revenue.

IntelliSift’s Student Retention Module uses Machine Learning to predict students at risk, at the beginning and throughout the academic year. This allows staff to focus on students requiring help and advice, ensuring a successful outcome to their academic journey.

IntelliSift have a set of ready-built and bespoke services to provide Social Media Analysis. These services provide an analysis of Key Social Media Metrics, including:

  1. Your Social Media volume and engagement level
  2. Twitter users and the number of their followers
  3. Top Words
  4. Where agreed, data on the Industry and/or your competitors

Social Media Health Check
Are you getting a return on the investment in Social Media ? This is a one-off report which identifies the key metrics by which you measure success.

Monthly Social Media Analysis
Get a regular snapshot of what your customers are saying about your products and services. Analyse the levels of traffic and engagement, top users by followers.

Brand Analysis
What are the key stats on your Brand  and how does that compare with your competitors or your industry. This report will provide a comparison, to assist in refining your Social Media strategy.