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Social Media Analytics

Social Media is changing the way organisations do business. Customers are more vocal in their feedback on products and services, sharing it with others on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogs amongst other channels. Businesses recognize that this is both a risk through the potential impact it has on their brand, and also an opportunity to act on the information and provide better customer engagement. Our solutions enable you to:

  • Monitor Social Media to capture what your customers are saying about your Products, Brand and Services
  • Analyze those conversations to get insight into customer sentiment
  • Link the data with your corporate sales and customer data to gain better insight.
  • Create Predictive Models which use this data to reduce marketing and operational costs and increase sales

Whether you want to enhance your marketing campaigns, monitor or improve brand perception or improve your Customer Service, we deliver the data and the reports for you to determine the next best action.

Monitor the performance of your social campaigns, online reputation and social profiles. Compare your customer interaction with that of your competitors.

Customer Services
Monitor all channels of Social Media to provide a better customer experience. Understand where and how customer perception impacts your products and services.

Sample Dashboards
The following are some of the available Dashboards for Social Media interactions.






Audience By Channel